Story of ProCura

Our belief in quality is not just a catchphrase, it is a bedrock principle that ensures each of our buildings not only stand out but also deliver long-term value to our company and investment partners.

CEO & President, George S. Schluessel

At ProCura Real Estate Services Ltd., we are proud to be recognized as Western Canada's most proven, trusted, and visionary property development and management companies. With our diverse asset base of retail, office, residential, multi-residential, mixed-use, and land-holdings, we are guided by our core belief in developing quality buildings that enhance the lives of those living and working in them every day.

Since 1979, George Schluessel's forward-thinking projects have positively changed the skylines and communities of Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. We have collaborated with strong partners along the way and now offer a full range of client services to compliment our diverse asset base: From investment, asset management, and development services, to property management, leasing, and marketing; our attention to detail and long-term thinking continue to set the foundations for our landmark projects.

Today, we continue to leverage our in-depth knowledge of the Western Canadian property market by taking a sustainable approach to the acquisition and development of new properties. And with a land base for at least twenty years of development, our story at ProCura is set to continue along the same path of building excellence.